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    So, Jindos and cats – a complete no-no, right? Not necessarily. Like many things in life, it depends….

    There is no doubt that some feline behaviors can excite the prey drive lurking inside most dogs, including Jindos. Small, fluffy, apt to run. And some cats just can’t be happy unless they have pushed the envelope with every dog, goading and teasing it into a reaction that they know will get the dog into trouble. Yes, some cats are just that smart.

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    Characteristics of a Jindo

    by Kristen Edmonds  (courtesy of Kristen Johnson Edmonds of Treasured k9s, Inc.)

    The most unique trait of a Jindo is they are the easiest dogs in the world to house train. A Jindo will practically housetrain itself. Many owners have said that a Jindo will either be the best dog you’ve ever had or the most difficult dog you’ve ever had. New Jindo owners need to be properly prepared to fully appreciate the special characteristics of a Jindo.

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    Successfully adopting a rescue dog

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    The Dog Adoption Bible

    “Before, During and After Rescuing”    Download Dog Adoption Bible

    What to expect with your Rescue Dog

    Rescuing a dog is not easy. Here are some things to expect:

    Keep your dog on a leash inside the house for the first three days. Should the dog do something that you don’t like, you can reel the dog back instead of trying to grab the dog at the collar which may result in the dog reacting instinctively and possibly snapping.
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    Cleaning Basics for Pets and Humans in the Home

    Article taken from bbcleaningservice.com.

    Cleaning Basics for Pets and Humans in the Home Written by: Greg Wiszniewski

    Our household only has one dog, but I am still amazed when I look down at my clothes at the number of small black dog hairs sitting there. Believe me when I say that it is much worse when I wear white. Of course, right now it’s Spring, which therefore spells shedding season. Even when our dog scratches his neck, hair flies everywhere; however, shedding isn’t the only problem with keeping the house clean with pets. Sometimes we find dirt marks, places where the dog has had accidents, and drool. Which leads me to the dilemma of keeping the house, myself, and the dog clean: where do I begin? I found a few quick tips that help maintain a clean house, clean humans, and clean animals.

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    Rescue Dog Adjustment Period

    IMAGINE – You’re a rescue dog, in a car, with complete strangers, unsure of your destination, and only understand a few commands given you. When the car stops, nothing looks or “smells” familiar. You don’t know where you are, what’s going to happen next, what’s expected of you,
    and you’re completely at the mercy of those strangers because you are restrained, plus the strangers are humans, not members of your (canine) world. You feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed with uncertainties, and you are driven by your instincts to protect yourself in
    vulnerable situations.

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