— Foster to Adopt Program

We compare our Foster to Adopt program to dating prior to getting married. You get to find out if you’re a mutual good match prior to finalizing the adoption. It allows a dog to get out of the shelter, while providing the foster/adopter an opportunity to both find out if this particular dog will work for them, while saving a life at the same time. You are also first in line to adopt that particular dog (should we determine it’s a mutually good fit). It’s a win-win for everyone!

We make every effort to match each home with a dog that is appropriate for their family and skill level. If your home is determined to be a great fit by both you and Two Dog Farms, then arrangements will be made to finalize the adoption. You will be asked to complete the adoption application and submit the adoption donation. We do reserve the right to suggest that another dog may be a better fit for your family.

Should your home not be a perfect fit, we can arrange to adopt out the dog and are happy to work with you to find the right dog! We do expect the foster to provide a temporary home while we make arrangements to find a forever home or arrange a foster swap (if one is available).

Let us know if you don’t see a match with dogs that we currently have available, we can keep an eye out and let you know of upcoming available dogs.

We cover all medical expenses whilst the dog is in a foster home, and provide kibble, we also provide support with training. The foster home can expect to provide the same day to day responsibilities covered here.

For more information, see Fostering FAQs

If you are new to fostering, or new to fostering with our organization, please complete the foster application and check out our Fostering FAQs and Notes on Fostering (below). If you have already filled out an adoption application, you do not need to also fill out the foster application. A foster or adoption application must have already been approved for a dog to be placed into the Foster To Adopt program.

Please take the time to read our website to make sure you are familiar with typical Korean Jindo Dog characteristics and behaviors, (as well as tips for working with problems), and ensure that you are willing to invest the time and energy into caring for a dog