Volunteer Contract

Please fill out this form before you plan to start volunteering.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

    I, the undersigned Volunteer, understand and acknowledge that:

    • Working with shelter/rescue animals can be hazardous and can involve contact with animals that are unpredictable. As such Two Dog Farms, Inc. cannot be held liable for injuries or accidents that may occur as a result of working with the animals, including (but not limited to) being bitten, scratched or in any other way physically injured.
    • I will abide by the mission statement and policies of Two Dog Farms, Inc. while I am a volunteer, and I will, in all dealings with the public related to the work of the organization, be courteous, considerate and polite. I will not enter into any official agreements for the organization and will refer all such activity to the Board of Directors of Two Dog Farms, Inc.
    • Two Dog Farms, Inc. will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by me as a volunteer, unless prior authorization has been given by the Board of Directors and I have all necessary documentation in the form of receipts. As a representative of a non-profit organization, I recognize that I am in no way allowed to profit from any activity related to the organization.
    • Two Dog Farms, Inc. cannot guarantee or in any way be held responsible for the temperament, health or behavior of any shelter/rescue dogs that I might handle; any dogs in my care during transportation will be kept securely contained.
    • Two Dog Farms, Inc. will be released, indemnified and held harmless from any and all claims, damages and liability (caused either directly or indirectly) arising from or related to my activities as a Two Dog Farms, Inc. Volunteer, including (but not limited to) financial, emotional, or property loss/damage.