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ourstory_twodogfarmsTwo Dog Farms, Inc. arose after its two founders, Rosalind and Philip Behenna, had spent several years living in Asia. It was there that they fell in love with the bigger Asian breed dogs, and they brought 4 rescue dogs back from Asia when they left in 2001.

ourstory_jindo_twodogfarmsThey spent several years living in California (before moving to their farm in Northern Nevada) and learned that there was a significant problem with Jindos arriving in shelters as strays or through owner surrenders (too many are marked as overly shy or even fear aggressive simply because they react so poorly to the stress of life in a shelter and are very sensitive, therefore ending up on a fast track to euthanization); they felt that with their knowledge and experience of the breed, they could do something more to help, and upon learning that there was only one other truly active rescue organization in the country dedicated to Jindos, (based on the East Coast: Treasured k9s), with one other significantly smaller operation in CA, the need was dire.

Since their inception, Two Dog Farms has become the most active Jindo rescue in the whole of the USA, largely as a result of the significantly larger Korean-American population in and around Los Angeles and Southern CA, hence a greater ‘pool’ of Jindos.

On average, Two Dog Farms rescues 50-60 Jindos (including some mixed breeds) every year and with the help of a dedicated team of wonderful, hard-working volunteers and foster homes, adopts out around 45-50 Jindos every year. Some Jindos are brought into the rescue as older, hospice cases and are given comfort and medical care for however long they have left before being allowed to pass, in as dignified a manner as possible.

The Jindos shown below are those that live personally with Rosalind and Philip.


Meet Oddjob, Pring, Sammo, Percy, Rupert, Alfred, Poong, and Lettice – our resident Jindo/Poongsan Ambassadors.

bob_residentjindoOddjob aka Bob is a white male Jindo, (a “Baekgu”), aged somewhere over 14 years old. He was rescued from NYC, July 2011, just before he made it to the euthanization list. We were hoping to adopt him out, but it became apparent that he has some physical disabilities, so we decided to keep him as one of our resident Jindo Ambassadors! He has since greatly improved his strength and co-ordination, such that he can undertake virtually all normal activities and conduct a normal life – a very affectionate and loving boy indeed! Unfortunately, Bob is now fighting lymphoma, but he’s undergoing chemo treatment and doing well at this stage. UPDATE: July 2017, Bob sadly passed away.
percy_residentjindoPercy is a yellow male Jindo, (a “Hwanggu”), aged 13 years old. He was rescued from LA, February 2012, where he rapidly moved to the euthanization list after a Public Holiday when the shelters began to fill again. Fortunately we had been keeping tabs on him so were able (with the help of our fabulous volunteers) to swoop in and grab him. Initially he came to us as a foster, but he fitted so well with the rest of the pack, (and we fell in love with him), that he became an official “Two Dog Farms” Jindo – he’s another example of a larger Jindo at over 60lbs.
sammy_residentjindoSammo is another white male Jindo, (a “Baekgu”), aged 14+ years old. We rescued him from the euthanization list in NYC, July 2011. He was severely malnourished with accompanying skin problems and has been undergoing his rehabilitation with us; he has a very sweet nature and now matches this good nature with equally good looks, despite being a little scamp! UPDATE: September 2017, Sam sadly passed away, from heart failure/diabetes.
pring_residentjindoPring is another yellow male Jindo, (a “Hwanggu”), aged 13 years old. We adopted him from LA, November 2009. He also arrived with some skin problems, and issues of nervousness, and being underweight, and has since grown into a very affectionate, gorgeous, strong boy! He is a large Jindo, being approximately 25% bigger than Sammo in all directions!
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RUPERT: (aged 9 years old)

ALFRED: (aged 6 years old)

POONG: (aged 5 years old)

LETTICE: (aged 4 years old)

GUSSIE: (aged 10 years old)

GERALD: (aged 8 years old)

BOBBY: (aged 14 years old)