How we can help if you need to surrender a Jindo

If you have already spent some time reading our website, you will see that we do not have a physical location – we do not have a sanctuary nor a dedicated kennels; we simply cannot take all and every Jindo that is ‘offered’ to us.

We are always full, and rely on the generosity of the general public to open their homes to act as foster families – finding suitable foster homes for Jindos is not an easy process, as I’m sure you’ll understand. And one that has behavioural issues may take longer still. As we are constantly networking a list of Jindos already facing euthanisation in high-kill West Coast shelters, (US bred, born and abandoned – of which the number is staggering), there is no guarantee that we can help you find a new home for your Jindo quickly, but we will certainly try should you need us to. 

What we can do to help, then, is network your Jindo for a new forever home or a foster, (on petfinder, adopt-a-pet, our own website, and facebook), but this may take time, and is of course dependent on your answers to the questions below – please also supply us with at least 3 good quality photos of your Jindo: 

1. Age and weight

2. Spayed/Neutered or not

3. Vaccination status (rabies, DHLPP etc)

4. Being wormed/flea/tick treated monthly?

5. Any medical issues (when did he/she last have a vet check up?)

6. How does he/she behave around men/women/children/strangers/people on the street/other animals

7. Normal daily routine (food/exercise)

8. Indoor or outdoor dog? (or both)

9. Level of training (what commands does he/she know/how does he/she walk on leash/reaction to seeing other dogs when on leash)

10. Any particular likes/dislikes (how is he/she about being handled/petted – any sensitive areas, like ears, feet etc.)

11. How does he/she react to riding in the car/going to the vet/can he/she be lifted 

12. Has he/she ever bitten any other animals/people? If so, what was the severity and was medical action needed?

13. Any separation anxiety issues or other behavioural issues?

14. Where did you obtain the dog from and why are you attempting to rehome the dog now? How long have you owned the dog?

15. Have you contacted any other rescues for assistance?

16. What are the best methods of contact for people interested in either fostering or adopting your dog?

17. Address and zip code of location of dog? (to enable us to list on

There is also a new service provided through Adopt-a-pet that you can try which may be helpful in trying to rehome your dog – there is a link to this at the bottom of our Adoption page:

Thank you.