Jindo in small spaces!


This is the first in a series of articles written by some of our adopters and fosters, in response to the idea that Jindos can only be truly happy living in the country/wide open spaces, where they can run free, chasing critters to their hearts content, never mind the fact that they might be annoying farm livestock into the bargain! 😉
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Thank you!

(by adopter/foster/volunteer, Marsha)

“Some people are hesitant to adopt a Jindo because of the belief that Jindos need a lot of space to be happy and content.
Well, I’m here to tell you that Jindos are great dogs no matter where you live. I’m writing this as I sit in my little two bedroom, two bath condo in a three story building while my dog, Fern, and my foster dog, Bear, nap nearby after our morning walk.
Even though Jindos are traditionally a hunting breed with a reputation for wanderlust they are quite happy to spend their time indoors with their family.
One key to a happy indoor pup is to be a firm confident pack leader. For me that means taking Fern to training classes where the emphasis is on positive reinforcement. The classes are just as much for me, to give me tools and ideas to use at home, as they are for Fern. We practice the skills at home, when we’re out and about, and on our daily walks.
Walks – another key to happiness for indoor dogs. I make sure that we get out for morning and afternoon walks and shorter walks before bedtime – weather permitting. We also hang out and watch TV together in the evening.
Fern has been a member of the family for almost two years and I couldn’t be happier. And she’s happy, too! I’d recommend a Jindo to anyone living in a small space.”